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First things first, I recently read all of the Totally Captivated dj's and OMG. What a perfect wrap up for that series. I thought Totally Captivated already ended well enough, but those dj's just were so freaking amazing. Plus they had lots of sex and I'm a total whore for that kind of thing, so that was enjoyable too. But really, a must read for anyone who liked that series.

Moving on to this new season of anime! I'm pretty impressed so far -- I know that there's still some anime I've got to watch the first episode of, but I've probably watched over half of what came out this season so far. I usually watch whatever crunchyroll picks up first since I have a membership.

Oh, and before I get started, I watched all of Guilty Crown last week. Fantastic music. Loved the animation style. Overall, I feel conflicted on how I liked it, but in the end I was entertained and laughed and cried, so what more can you ask for? I also finished a few winter anime - Another and Brave 10. Brave 10 ended way too suddenly. I loved Another - it was creepy as hell, but so intriguing.

Okay, on to non-spoilery spring 2012 anime thoughts in no particular order:

Kids on the Slope: BROMANCE. I am ready for more, RIGHT NOW. Bring it, episode 2!

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: I seriously LOVED the first episode of this. It was just shits and giggles the whole way through for me. Onward to episode 2!

Medaka Box: Honestly, this one just kind of bored me. I don't plan on watching anymore unless I start hearing amazing things.

Saki Episode Side of A: I'm slightly intrigued. My knowledge of mahjong is total crap, but then again I loved Hikaru no Go and I didn't know anything about Go at first either. So I'll give episode 2 a try and see how it goes.

Mysterious Girlfriend X: There was a lot of WTF moments for me throughout this, but overall, I have to say I was entertained. I absolutely must watch the next episode to find out where this shit is going!

Hiiro no Kakera: Swear to God, this feels like a dating sim game. How many attractive men will surround our main heroine? Episode 2, you bring the hot guys and I'll bring my attention span!

Kuroko's Basketball: I LOVE SPORTS ANIMES. Seriously, I really do. And I can already tell I'm going to slash the hell out of this one. LOVING IT.

Upotte!!: Ummm, what? I felt so confused during this one! Enough that I'll probably watch another episode... and then probably stop fairly quickly, lol.

Tsuritama: I only made it about 5-10 minutes into this one and wasn't really a fan.

Sengoku Collection: I'll admit I was fairly amused with this, but I don't know how I feel about watching more just because I don't think the plot can sustain itself. DH didn't care for it much, so if I keep watching, it will probably be all by my lonesome self!

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Yeah, I know March isn't over yet. Who cares? Favorites posts a new thing for me maybe?

Tales of Graces f -- I LOVE TALES GAMES. Seriously, I really do. Some of the best games out there as far as I'm concerned. Graces f is just freaking awesome so far.

Fair Game by Patricia Briggs -- It's official, I like Alpha and Omega books better than I like Mercedes Thompson books. And it had her most detailed sex scene yet which was SMOKING hot. Loved it -- and that ending!

fanfic: Standing on the Brink -- Tales of Vesperia, Judith/Raven, NC17, oneshot. So here I was hoping to stumble across some Tales of Graces f fic and found this little gem. It's beyond amazingly hot. I've always been more of a Judith/Yuri fan, but this is just too good to pass up no matter what pairings you like.

fanfic: Take the Bull by the Horns -- Viewfinder, Asami/Akihito, NC17, 13 chapters and complete. Alright, I actually discovered this fic back in December, but I re-read this week and remembered how much I completely loved it. This does a REALLY nice job of tying up a lot of loose ends from the Hong Kong arc and makes me happy.

Speaking of Viewfinder, did you all see the newest chapter (Pray in the Abyss 4)? I love love love this manga. It's so freaking pretty that it kind of hurts sometimes.

NightS by Yoneda Kou -- I somehow had not read this manga by Yoneda Kou, who I'm pretty sure is now my favorite mangaka. I just love everything she does. This one is a beautiful oneshot that just makes me melt. LOVED IT.

Home Tutor by Moegi Yu -- Just read through a few chapters and you'll find a really excellent manga that does a nice job actually developing a relationship. The first chapters were a little too cliched, but I'm really glad I kept reading. Gorgeous art too!

Anime: I've been LOVING the anime I started watching from the Winter season. Another is super creepy and awesome. Knight in the Area is just one of those fun touching sports animes that always seem to reel me in. And of course, Fairy Tale continues to amaze me at every turn. I'm still enjoying Hunter X Hunter, but I want it to get further faster!

Random favorites:
--Here to Eternity set from Jewelmint. The necklace gets tangled a little here and there, but overall love this piece.
--Essential Lip Enhancer by Jouer. The best stuff EVER. It makes my lips super smooth and soft and even makes them look amazing at the same time.

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So as promised, I am here to deliver my favorite manga reads of 2011.

I sort of rediscovered manga this year. Thank God, I’ve been finished with school for a while, otherwise, I have a feeling my grades would have suffered! But since graduating and working a real full time job, I had plenty of time to devote to task and promptly drowned myself in BL manga.

Yes, as you could have guessed, I pretty much only read BL manga this last year. And apparently I hadn’t read a whole lot of the "classics" so my list is probably filled with stuff everyone else in the world has already read. Oh, and despite my fanfic posting like mad about Junjou Romantica, after much debate I decided not to include it. While I really did enjoy the manga, I had so many issues with so many of the storylines that I just can’t do it. The last few chapters released for each couple have so disappointed me, and I’m so sick of the same problems happening again and again that’s it’s taken away a lot of enjoyment.

There are links to all manga, summaries from Manga Traders when available and no spoilers, but again, behind a cut because I am terribly long winded. Big thanks to dreamilywistful who told me about not one but two of the manga I have listed here.

After writing this list up, I'm feeling the intense urge to re-read most of these...Collapse )

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I've decided to do a short series of posts about my bests of 2011. Up first -- of course -- is books!

I actually did not read that many books this year! Bizarre -- I stopped keeping track around June (very unlike me) and if I had to guess, I'd assume I've only read 50 or so books this year. That being said, I sort of rediscovered fanfic this year and went on a manga reading rampage. So that explains the lackluster reading schedule this year. I still read some really fantastic books this year, so here's my list in no particular order. Behind a cut, because I’m terribly long-winded. Short summaries provided, no spoilers.Collapse )

Up next: manga!

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YOU GUYS. Seriously, I found a FANTASTIC Legal Drug fic just now. I don't know how I'd never come across it before, except that recently I discovered AO3 and perhaps this was never cross posted anywhere else. This excellent piece of work I'm sharing with you is Saiga/Kakei, slightly PG13-ish and so freaking perfect. I LOVED IT. Coming Home by Lady_Ganesh. You must read it.

Also, I recently watched Usagi Drop which was so adorably domestic I was in heaven. Then I decided to read the manga which had the most horrible ending I've ever encountered in anime/manga. I was pretty disappointed with that. I still suggest the anime though, because that was just great! The artwork is really interesting. It's very simple but quite lovely in a subtle way.

Lastly, I should mention that I re-watched Samurai Champloo AGAIN. I really adore that show. This time around I watched the English dub which actually was pretty decent. I thought Jin's voice actor was especially excellent. Though for me, the voice actor for Mugen in the original Japanese is just the best thing ever and nothing can even come close to comparing.

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Imagine the happiest dorkiest dance ever. Yeah, that's me right now.


Oh, and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get used to the new name. It's been Legal Drug in my head for a very long time!

spoilers ahead!Collapse )


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Okay, I'll take one for the team and be the one person on your flist who has yet to mention Skyrim.

Instead, I'm going to recommend you an excellent yaoi manga that I just finished reading.

Cut by Kawai Touko.

The art isn't really my favorite style and when I first read the summary, along with the art, I really almost skipped it. But the forums on mangafox made it sound good, so I decided to give it a shot. I'm very glad that I did, because I almost missed out on a really excellent manga.

I'll admit, this manga may not be for everyone. It's very much a dark psychological drama and deals with touchy concepts. But overall, I simply loved it. It took me a chapter or two to really get into it, but the emotions conveyed throughout the story are lovely and touching. The ending was perfect and left me very satisfied.

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Seriously, I have always super loved Yokozawa from Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, because his unrequited love with Takano just breaks my heart into tiny, tiny pieces. I realize a lot of people do not like him, which has always kind of baffled me. I mean, I'd be a huge dick to the guy emotionally fucking with the guy I'm in love with too. His motivations make sense and he never does anything unforgivable, and definitely cares a lot for Takano. Ah, and chapter 10 is so perfect in his angst.

Anyways, when I heard he was getting a story I was beyond excited -- until I found out it was going to be a novel, not a manga. Considering I don't read Japanese ... or Chinese or whatever this is originally published in, it's a problem and people usually don't translate novels. And even when they do, it's not always easy to get through just because you lose a lot of the original intent.

But today somebody posted pictures and summaries of the first few chapters and I'm in love. LOVE LOVE LOVE Yokozawa. That man is my dream. Linking to beautiful awesome pictures that make me happy though the last one is definitely NSFW. And how about a cheer for totally consensual sex? edit: unlocked summary to the whole novel. AMAZING, is what it is, just AMAZING!


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I just finished the first season of Baka & Test yesterday.  Highly amusing, is what that show is.  I really wasn't sure after the first episode, but I had to keep going.  It was simply hilarious -- really what I needed after a day of work on a Monday.

Also, I'm desperately trying to overcome some weird block I seemed to have developed towards writing since I graduated.  Please, people, give me some prompts and/or to help inspire me.  I think I'm willing to write for ... a lot of fandoms, lol.  

Fairy Tail
Junjou Romantica
Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi
Hunter X Hunter
One Piece
Legal Drug
Black Dagger Brotherhood
Persona 4
Perhaps some romance novel series?  Assuming I've read it.   
Uh, BL manga fandoms?  I don't know, I've read a lot, so just assume I'm game and try me for one.  

Probably others I can think of -- if you want something, just let me know.  I might give Bleach a shot, if somebody gives me a good prompt related to any sort pairing involving Ichigo, Rukia and/or Renji.  Any combination of those characters or all three.  The anime has really not kept my attention well, so I wouldn't be able to write about any current arcs.


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You know what, I have a life outside of anime and fanfic recommendations.  And today I want to talk about nail polish. So that's what I'm going to do.

(Though I do want to say that I FINALLY caught up with Fairy Tail.  I LOVE THAT ANIME.  It's so very good.  I cannot recommend it enough.  Love, love, love it!  I think it may finally bring me to actually write fanfic again.  I'm disappointed that it doesn't seem to have a more active fandom.)

Oh, and one last thing, you should all go check out the song "Build That Wall" from the Bastion original soundtrack.  I could listen to that song for days on end.  

So ... today I went to Game Stop and traded in some games and managed to pick up 7 games for the low low price of $32 -- yeah, I know how to take advantage of sales promotions.  Anyways, next door to Game Stop is Sally's Beauty Supply and of course, I couldn't just walk by it without going in and while there I picked up two China Glaze polishes.

 I've never purchased China Glaze before, so it will be interested to see how well these polishes wear. With my Sally's discount card, the polishes were $4.99 a piece, which is a pretty decent price for nail polish. I ended up picking two colors that really surprised me.  

The first I purchased is on the left and is "For Audrey"  -- Isn't it just gorgeous?  I don't have anything even remotely like this and when I saw it I absolutely had to have it.  The second one I picked up was "Turned Up Turquoise" (on the right), which I probably won't end up wearing until nearly summertime, and probably only on my toes.  This is one of those colors that pictures absolutely cannot do justice.  It's just such a gorgeous pearly shimmery color.  Just looking at brightens my spirits!

I also bought some Butter London polishes because Ulta is just way too tempting and buy two, get one free is just too good of a deal to pass up when polishes cost $14 a bottle.  Oh, and in case you're wondering why I'm only showing two colors, when I said it was buy two, get one free -- it's because I picked up Butter London's Cuticle Remover which counted towards the deal.

Moving on, on the left is "Chancer" -- a gorgeous super sparkly red.  I have a one shimmery red and one dark matte red, but nothing like this.  I was thinking it should be perfect for the holidays.  The one on the right is "Pink Ribbon" which is almost completely nude.  I have a lot of nude colors in my collection, mostly because I have a really small nail bed and I like to keep my nails short so I think I look best with nudes, but most of mine are either shimmery or very pink.  I also thought this would be perfect for the base of a french mani, and I don't have anything that works quite that well for that purpose.  


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Okay, I'm not going to say anything even remotely spoiler-y about the ending of Ao no Exorcist, except to say that I was disappointed as all hell in it. Just ... so much wasted potential. I think I'm going to have to bring myself to read the manga at this point!

Fall 2011 anime I'll be watching: the second season of Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi (like there was ANY doubt of that, lol), the new Hunter x Hunter (because my God, I'd watch anything Hunter x Hunter -- I can't wait for the cute Gon/Killua to start all over again), Persona 4 (already I'm so thrown off by the Japanese voices after playing over 100 hours of the game in English!), and after that, I'm not really sure. I'll probably try out some of the ones put up on Hulu and Crunchyroll. But in the meantime, I'm still working my way through Fairy Tail (I think I'm somewhere around episode 65 now? Somebody point me in the direction of fic NOW. Seriously, I'll read probably any pairing from the main group of characters).

And to finish things off, here's a couple of random fic recs from me:

These fics are all Shizuo/Izaya from the Durarara!! fandom and all written by caffeinekitty, who writes amazingly hot IC porn. That's like the best of everything in the world, if you ask me. Uh, yeah, so that being said, all of the recs are very much NC17.

Say the Word -- Orgasm Control/Orgasm Denial, yeah, just buckets of hot, this one is.

Hard Bargain -- I think I literally had to fan myself while reading this. I think my phone was smoking my hands. How to describe it ... uh, sex toys ... under clothing.... in public ... and yeah, just read it.

Hard Bargain: Round Two -- Holy fuck, like the first one needed a sequel. Going even further with the sex toys under clothing in public ... I swear humiliation is not a kink of mine, but this fic does it so well that I pretty much melted.

The Shortest Distance Between Two Points -- Okay, I lied, they aren't all Shizuo/Izaya. This one's Shizuo/Kadota/Izaya. Need I say more? Okay, fine I will. Here's the first line of the fic: “Ne, Dotachin… which one of us is better?” Right, now go read.

OH WAIT. I can't forget the absolute best thing I found today while browsing the DRRR!! kink meme (not written by the author mentioned above):

Shizuo and Samuel L Jackson hang out -- I literally don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a fic, ever. Seriously, I kind of died.

Kid you not, I am recommended the fucking prompt. It's like a fic and honestly, I don't need it continued. It was so awesome an hilarious. -- Uh, Shizou/Izaya ... I don't know what else to say, lol.

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Okay, so imagine One Piece refined down to it's best qualities. With magicians instead of pirates. Do you know what you'd end up with?

Fairy Tail.

Yeah, I'm so uber painfully in love with this show. I just started watching it last week and while I've heard good things about it, if I'd had any idea of what it was about, I would have started watching it AGES ago.

I'm not that far yet -- I think I'm nearing the 50th episode -- somewhere around 47 or 48 maybe. It's absolutely addictive.

And as a person who can't help but ship everything in sight, this show has WAY too many conceivable and awesome pairings for me to wrap my head around. I kind of want to ship everyone because there's such great bonds between everyone to start with. I mean, the obvious pairing from the get-go, at least for me, was Natsu/Gray. Because that just works on a number of levels. Then I started getting kind of attached to Lucy -- hell I like her with Natsu and Gray. I wouldn't even mind a threesome with those characters. But then they bring in Erza -- and hell, you can ship her with anyone. Lucy, Natsu ... I suppose Gray too, but I find Lucy or Natsu much more interesting options. Oh, and then I really liked where the took Loke's character -- I'd ship him with Lucy in a heartbeat. Anyways, even despite all of that, I was still pretty firm in my head about the Natsu/Gray pairing. But then they brought in Juvia -- and her and Gray together are just too great for words. I absolutely love them together. Seriously, I want to read fic for this fandom and I don't even know what pairing to start with, lol.

All of that being said, I'm absolutely in love with Happy. Honestly, I'm in love with that blue flying cat.

Share your fic recs with me! Anyone read the manga? Is it significantly different from the anime?

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I so enjoyed this yaoi manga. It's so pretty, I just want to lick my computer screen sometimes. I could say more to talk you into reading it, but I won't. Because if pretty yaoi manga isn't enough to make you want to click on this link, then we probably shouldn't be LJ friends. So without further ado, enjoy: Doushitemo Furetakunai by Yoneda Kou.

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Because I haven't spent the last two weeks absolutely suffocating myself in Egoist fic... Anyways, my addictions aside, READ THIS:

A Little Bit of Give
Junjou Romantica: Hiroki/Nowaki -- NC17
Hiroki tops. IN CHARACTER. And it's hot and perfect and actually has character development and plot. It's called heaven and you should read it and melt into pieces like I did.

That is all. PS - I love the scene my icon is from. "Does it itch?" "Yes, but I can't say where...." LOL. I love Nowaki. He's too freaking adorable for words.

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So I finished reading Junjou Romantica over the past few weeks. And I'm currently on the first few episodes of the second season right now.

I'm so in love, it's kind of painful. While I like all of the storylines, I'm particularly enamored of Egoist. I think Hiroki is a great character in the series, and he really sort of connects everyone. I love his relationships with Nowaki, Miyagi and Usagi.

I'm really not going to go all fangirl in a post just yet, but I wanted to take a moment and recommend a few really good fics that I've found so far.

First and foremost, I must recommend this: But Love is Blind and Lovers Cannot See. It's very Hiroki centric and does a lovely job of providing some real depth to the storyline of his unrequited love with Akihiko and his love with Nowaki. It's beautiful and pretty angsty. It shows us Hiroki in a very bad place in his life, but I find it very true to his character and very believable. Even if you're so firmly Hiroki/Nowaki that the thought of reading Hiroki/Akihiko turns you off, I'd still suggest this story. It's so wonderful.

I also really liked this short piece: 4:03. It's very introspective but has some good Hiroki/Nowaki interaction. I just think it does a lovely job of capturing Hiroki's character.

Lastly, for the moment, I'm so in love with everything written by this author: on ff.net as Hypercritical_Q though she also has an LJ here questix. I LOVE HER WRITING STYLE. Well, there's a lot of this "..." but I really don't care. I love how she writes dialogue and her plots are hilarious shits and giggles and misunderstandings and cuteness! It's like reading the manga, I swear. Problem is most are WIP, not finished and haven't been updated in over a year. But so far I've loved Kamijou Dates a Woman (swear to God, just ignore the title and the summary and READ IT! It's pretty evenly centered on Egoist and Terrorist plots and I just love love love the way she writes Hiroki and Miyagi interaction) and The Frailty of Trust, which again is pretty well Egoist and Terrorist centered. As mentioned with my other rec for this author, there's a lot of Miyagi and Hiroki interaction. She doesn't write them any other way than perfectly canon, but I'm telling you, she does it so damn well and captures their bond in the most beautiful hilarious way that it kind of makes me ship them on the side, lol. I've heard a lot about her another one of her fics, Junjou Fluff, but I haven't had time to read it yet. And let me say, reading the manga, I'm really not the biggest fan of Miyagi/Shinbou (really, that is just such a huge age difference that I have a few hangups, though that's not to say I dislike it, by any means), but this author really makes me love that couple in a way I hadn't thought possible. It's quite amazing to think she's changed my opinion on them that much. So really, take a moment to read through her stuff and just fall in love with these couples all over again.

So with all of that being said ... the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks! I'm only slightly obsessed with that for my fifth year running now...

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So first things first -- more information on new Legal Drug! From my understanding of this -- the three current volumes will be put out again with additional content? And then new serialization starts after all that? So we might have new Legal Drug sometime around the new year? I must admit that on Saturday I was so excited about the news that I re-read the volumes. I know!

Anyways, then I watched all of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Seriously, I fell in love with this! Then when I had no resolution after the anime, I went and read all of the manga. I like both the manga and the anime quite a bit. The anime follows the manga pretty well, though it's definitely not as graphic. I love the art though, it's just beautiful. Now I have to go read Junjou Romantica -- which I've wanted to do for some time -- but I realized it's the same author, so now I'm really motivated! Give me other good yaoi manga/anime recs from recent years, please flist! I'm so out of the loop on this!

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New Legal Drug coming our way?!

Yup, I'm all down for that. Let's hope that if this actually happens, there are some kind souls out there who will scan and translate for all us.


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Seriously, who is watching Ao no Exorcist? Because it's amazing. I love all of the characters, especially Rin and Shiemi. Honestly, the show is funny, touching, exciting, action packed and so much more. I really cannot say enough good things about this anime. I think it's the best anime I've watched IN YEARS.

I also just heard that they are remaking Hunter-x-Hunter! I find this exciting because that is one of my absolute favorite animes of all time. I think I heard it starts in October? Not sure if that means that is when it will air or when production starts.

Oh, and most importantly, I'm totally sick and started re-watching Prince of Tennis. It was completely unintentional, Mark and I were just trying to put something on TV that we didn't have to pay attention to and we realized that Prince of Tennis was on Hulu (we stream through our TV) and ... then it was just kind of downhill from there! I think I'm on episode 130-ish already? It's pathetic. I own one of the imported PS2 games and my husband and I have been playing it nonstop the last few weeks. Has anyone ever played this game? I don't know any Japanese, so it's a good thing playing tennis seems to universally the same. Anyways, I forgot how absolutely in love I was with this show. I'm currently REALLY close to the episode where Atobe and Sanada play doubles so I'm drooling in anticipation. And the second time around, I realized ... I still can't do Tezuka/Fuji. Just doesn't work for me!

So since I started re-watching Prince of Tennis, you should know that means I had to go and try to find new fic. And boy was I successful. I found this excellent Shishido/Ohtori author: everlind. She is amazing. And ... I use that word too lightly most of the time, because right now when I really want a word that separates this author from people who are great, but not this level of great, I have nothing but the word awesome which I overuse. But I really do think she writes some of the absolute best fanfic I've ever read. I love everything she's written, so honestly you could just go through her entire journal and be made of happiness (which is what I did, not once, but TWICE). That being said, I love her "Ever After" series especially and "High Tides." You guys must absolutely go check her out. And her work has some beautiful amazing artwork sprinkled throughout and it's simply lovely.

I'm trying to remember all of the other things I want to say related to anime. I've been watching so much of it lately. I'm about halfway through Durarara!!, which I'm loving, but not enough apparently, to finish watching before I finish re-watching Prince of Tennis. I also watched through the Pain arc of Naruto and I have more to say on that then I could ever even hope to say without writing an entire novel. I really can't get over how perfectly wonderful Naruto is. I felt like the Pain arc was everything that Naruto had been building up to for the last however many years. And even though it took so long for us to get to that point, it made everything that much more perfect because it was executed so perfectly and after so long, your emotional attachment to each character is just soul deep. I die a little bit inside just thinking about all of it. I'm also about halfway through D. Gray-man, which I'm really enjoying so far. I think the dubbed version is really well done too! I also watched all of the dubbed School Rumble. Now there's a freaking excellent show! It was funny and cute and ... more funny. I just laughed and laughed and laughed. I was super disappointed in the ending though. So I'm just pretending it didn't happen.

Okay, I'll stop now. Just go watch Ao no Exorcist on Hulu if you haven't yet. And then tell me what Prince of Tennis fic I should be reading right now and then give me prompts for Sanada/Atobe fic.

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I love posting fic recs (which I haven't done in about a million years since I'm lazy) because it means, at its core, that I've been reading fic and loving it. And that's such a good place to be in life.

And I wish I was bringing some Durarara!! recs to the table here, but I'm so pathetic and JUST found this anime series like a week ago. So I imagine I'll post some recs for that series soon, I just haven't had much of a chance yet to fandom for it. But Izaya and Shizuo are so made for shipping. And violence. And hilarious crack. All of that, I'm thinking. Enjoy!

Sherlock (BBC), Persona 3, Persona 4, Naruto, Black Dagger Brotherhood, and Soul Eater RecsCollapse )

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