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Do I contradict myself?

Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.


Naruto is love

This is not a bio by any means, but it is important to understand that I:

*am a librarian
*do not have or desire children at present
*read romance novels and am in no way ashamed of that
*enjoy slash
*dislike the Twilight series, but like vampires and werewolves
*and have an unnatural love for peach cobbler

My posts are rarely of a personal nature and almost always circle around whatever fandoms I happen to be into at any given point in time. Things that don't change: I love anime, manga, JRPGs, romance novels, nail polish and yaoi. And fanfic. I used to write a lot of fanfic, but these days, I mostly just read and recommended fanfic. But, who knows, I guess - maybe someday I'll get the urge to start writing again.

Feel free to friend me! I'm quite friendly (I'd like to think!) and love discussing random fandom stuff - so if that sounds appealing to you, we'd probably get along well!

So, in conclusion -- use this to understand me:

From Arrested Development:
Tobias: I should call the Hot Cops and tell them to dress up as something more nautically themed. Hot sailors, maybe. Or better yet, hot sea—
Michael: I like hot sailors.
Tobias: Mmmm. Me too.